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To bring our audience closer to the rapid progression of our development team, we will be publishing a summary of our Change Log updates to the signageOS blog. July’s top update categories are API, Box, and Android. Below is a summary of these updates and not all updates and features can be publicly listed.

So, to fully view the updates and features when they are made available, become a partner with signageOS today by heading here.  


API v.1.3.0 (service)

  • GET method for device power actions: 
  • New feature and resource for schedule power actions of the device 
  • A new resource for upgrading/downgrading Firmware of device
With the latest API updates the user can remotely schedule power actions for functions such as content refreshing or device rebooting. Also, the user has the ability to upgrade or downgrade the firmware of the device remotely. These functions add even more scheduling capability so the user can know precisely when the device should update or to save power. Also released this month is the GET method for device power actions, allowing the user to view a log of power actions on any device over a user-specified period of time.


Box v.1.5.0 (service)

  • Scheduled power actions (reboots) can be done in bulk
  • Timers can be disabled (turned off, cleared) one by one even on bulk changes page
  • Devices can be filtered by a firmware version
  • Adaptable intro on pages – device list, device detail, applet detail

In the latest Box versions helpful user tools have been added to provide more information regarding devices, organizations, etc. to ease processes. For example, information is displayed as the user hovers their mouse over an item to help explain where the path will lead and the content within. Also added, is the ability for the user to filter devices by firmware version for faster device recognition.  


Android v.2.2.0 (application)

  • Scheduled power actions: app restart, reboot, display ON/OFF
  • MBX now supports setting display orientation remotely
  • Support for Sharp PN line – content, volume, brightness, restart, reboot, display ON/OFF, proprietary and emulated native timers

In the Android world, Sharp’s PN line of displays is now fully, publicly supported by signageOS with features including content, volume, brightness, restart, reboot, display ON/OFF, proprietary, emulated native timers, among others. Sharp’s android based PN line now has additional management features like scheduled power actions for power saving, app restart, reboot, and display ON/OFF. Also, the Android player, MBX, also now supports setting display orientation remotely.

Our development team is working hard to consistently update and bring new features to the signageOS solution. If you have a question about an update or feature, let us know. We will be happy to get the conversation started with you.

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