September Changelog Updates and Features


To bring our audience closer to the rapid progression of our development team, we will be publishing a summary of our Change Log updates to the signageOS blog. September’s top update categories are API, Android, and Front-Applet. Below is a summary of these updates and not all updates and features can be publicly listed.

So, to fully view the updates and features when they become available, become a partner with signageOS today by heading here.  

API v.1.5.0 (service)

  • Dispatching custom commands to device by POST /device/:deviceUId/applet/:appletUid/command

The latest API update involves the POST method. The user can send custom commands to specific devices using POST.


Android v.2.4.1 (application)

  • Support for Philips P line and D line
  • Demo Mode for unsupported devices
  • Locally stored applets can now request camera and microphone access 

In the world of Android, version 2.4.1 now publicly supports Philips' P and D lines. All features and functions can now fully integrate with the two smart display lines. Next, integrations with signageOS and Android now have a demo mode for unsupported devices. A pretty straightforward feature, this Android update can make recognizing supported devices easy and efficient. Another very useful update for Android is the ability for locally stored Applets to request camera and microphone access. Enhance the customer experience through telemetry data collected through a microphone and camera. 

Front-Applet v.2.0.0 (library) 

  • List offline files/contents
  • Delete offline files/contents
  • Allow use of any npm module file imported as ES6 module (ex.: import Video from '@signageos/front-applet/dist/FrontApplet/Video/Video')
  • Binding of dispatched commands to REST API 
  • New monitoring applet commands dispatching about timing loaded, html snapshot, console logs, offline cache changes, video state changes when monitoring is enabled by timing configuration sos.config.sosMonitoring = true or by dispatching command to device sos.Monitoring.EnableMonitoring
  • Methods for getting file checksum
  • Font face generator 

The collection of updates and features for the Front-Applet are quite extensive. The first update allows the user to retrieve a list of all contents and files stored on the device. You can then remotely delete those files with the next Change Log update, delete offline files/contents. The third update involves the npm or package manager modules as ES6 modules. The ES6 modules are loaded, resolved, and evaluated asynchronously which provides for better security and reliability.

The binding of dispatch commands give the user the ability to segment a section of devices to bind to a specific command while still carrying out normal functions. For example, a segment of devices can bind to a specific emergency alarm that is activated by the third-party. The group of devices will carry out normal commands until the specific emergency command is given. Also, monitoring applet commands can now be enabled by the timing configuration.

Next, is the MD5 Checksum security feature to ensure consistent file integrity and delivery. This allows the user to validate files downloaded to the device memory against MD5 / SHA1 Checksum to ensure the download files are valid and not corrupt. Lastly, is the Font face generator feature for developers. This feature aids developers in specify online fonts to display text on their devices.   

This brief Change Logs summation does not include the entire list of updates and features. If you're interested in viewing all of the updates and features as they occur, become a signageOS partner and see for yourself.  

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