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Remote Digital Signage Hardware Management Console System by signageOS

In the first post in a series dedicated to highlighting new features and functionality of the signageOS Box (remote digital signage device management console), we would like to officially introduce you to the new Box 2.0!

Box 2.0 features will optimize your usage of signageOS and help you become more effective with development, deployment, monitoring and maintenance of your diverse digital signage networks.

What is Box?

The Box is signageOS’ development and remote hardware management console for any digital signage SoC display or media player. Through the Box users can achieve uniformed remote management, real-time monitoring, device diagnostics, and much more! 

All of the functionality of the signageOS Box can also be automated via REST API for the most powerful and efficient remote hardware management networks. And the best part? Everything works across an ever growing list of devices and platforms supported by signageOS.  


Core App Builder

The signageOS Core App builder for signageOS Open users allows you to build device-specific, native applications in minutes and for free, instead of spending months on R&D. In Box 2.0, the Core App Builder received a major upgrade with new core app versions and new supported devices for a variety of digital signage hardware like Samsung, LG, Raspberry Pi, BrightSign, and many Android-based hardware like BenQ, ELO, and more! 

Also, be sure to check out the latest tutorials to help get you started in the signageOS Open process: 


New Device Features


Box 2.0 is taking new device features to the next level! You can now assign tags to devices to represent specific device functionality, content, geographic location, etc. for quick and easy device management and segmentation within the Box.

Also, quickly leave notes for team members regarding a specific device or devices with specific tags so that every team member is up to date with the correct information within Box 2.0. 

Last and certainly not least, Box 2.0 allows users to view device history for a complete list of all actions, data sent or received, date and time of action requests and more making sure you know every single detail about your device's performance!  


New Organization Features

Digital signage networks can vary tremendously in their requirements and desired output. Organizations in Box 2.0 also now have tags for easy segmentation and navigation. Plus, Box 2.0 offers Device Plan subscriptions to easily make your services more relevant to your customers. Additionally, new user roles within organizations means greater collaboration between your digital signage hardware and network management team!organizations-digital-signage-remote-network-management

(For more information on this and the features provided by each subscription plan, check out the signageOS Usage-Based Pricing Blog). 


Advanced Monitoring 

Box 2.0 makes monitoring multiple, large networks easier than ever before. The new device monitoring section provides you with an overview as well as detailed information on all of the devices within each network. Devices can be organized by system, model, firmware, online status, tags, or storage status for all-around faster development, monitoring and management of your device networks.  monitoring



The Future of Remote Digital Signage Hardware Management 

BOX 2.0 is only the beginning of the next-generation of remote hardware management solutions that signageOS will offer. As the only unification technology to offer a remote hardware management solution for any digital signage SoC display or media player in one central system, the signageOS community of customers, partners and users will be at the forefront of innovation in remote hardware management for digital signage and AV devices.

If you are interested in experiencing Box 2.0 features and learning about how they will save you time and money, simply contact us to schedule a demo!

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