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bitegra Solutions & signageOS Drupal Digital Signage Framework

bitegra Solutions recently developed an integration between signageOS and Drupal that allows users to use Drupal modules to publish content to any digital signage hardware.

At signageOS, we constantly explore the potential application of the signageOS technology in different areas to enable the creation of innovative solutions. signageOS partners are creating apps and integrations of all types for different purposes and industries with signageOS as the foundation. In this post, we will take a look at one of the innovative solutions that signageOS partner, bitegra Solutions, created for Drupal users and an award-winning Swiss real estate tenant portal. 


bitegra Solutions recently developed an integration between signageOS and Drupal that allows users to use Drupal modules to publish content to any digital signage hardware. This solution is already in use by major bitegra Solution clients like Mobimo AG for Mattenhof Luzern, a comprehensive real estate tenant portal in Switzerland. 

The “Integrated tenant portal for Mattenhof Luzern” was just awarded the first place prize in the Swiss Splash Awards 2020 in the technology category and for Project of the Year! 

Through the integration of signageOS, the Mattenhof Luzern tenant portal can now be used with any digital signage hardware along with the Drupal digital signage framework by bitegra Solutions! 

Real estate stakeholders like property owners, building managers, etc. can now seamlessly incorporate digital signage devices into the existing tenant portal system through the bitegra Solutions Framework. Comprehensive control and seamless content playback with the digital signage hardware are achieved through the use of signageOS APIs and Drupal modules created by bitegra Solutions. Let’s take a look at an example to better understand how the solution works. 

Let’s say there is ongoing maintenance in a high-rise building and suddenly this maintenance causes the elevators to stop working. The maintenance team immediately creates an alert within the bitegra Solutions Framework notifying the manager about the problem. Now, the manager quickly creates a notification within the bitegra Solutions Framework that can be sent to all of the parties involved via a variety of methods. Office managers or tenants can receive text messages alerting them to the elevator outage or cleaning crews can be notified via email, text, content being published on the digital signage displays in the building, etc. 

Now that the bitegra Solutions Framework has integrated with the signageOS Platform, this same type of process automation and control can be completed with digital signage hardware. Through the tenant portal, the digital signage displays can be triggered within the building to change the content to alert tenants or visitors to the outage and point them in the direction of an alternative route. 

An obvious yet major benefit of this type of platform is that it brings all stakeholders together, under a single “roof”. Processes like alert notifications can be automated and completed quickly via various methods ensuring the maximum reach of the correct message, to the correct audience, through the correct channel.    

bitegra Solutions 

bitegra Solutions is an end-to-end solution provider with an API-first approach to deliver highly integrated web-applications for public and private platforms such as Drupal. bitegra Solutions creates new, innovative solutions by bringing together components of existing solutions that are already in place with existing clients or collaborating with companies to create new solutions with a vision for the future.

The primary focus of bitegra Solutions has been on the real estate industry for the past decade. During that time the company has developed and successfully practiced expertise in digital strategies for that market. 

bitegra Solutions core offering is called the bitegra Solution Framework. The bitegra Solution Framework provides a comprehensive portal solution for all real estate stakeholders like brokerage companies, property owners, tenants, service providers, 3rd party solutions, and many others. The bitegra Solution Framework features a role-based permission model that enables companies to have a central location for every detail related to any property. 

Expanding the bitegra Solutions Framework to support the integration of digital signage solutions is where signageOS enters the picture. 

bitegra Solutions Framework

What is Drupal? 

Drupal is an open-source content management software similar to WordPress. Drupal allows you to build anything from simple websites to complex web applications. As an open-source content management software community, Drupal allows users to build and share as freely as possible through the use of Drupal modules, nodes, and themes. “Drupal's modular system is limited only to the imagination of the site builder”, says Drupal’s homepage.  

Although the Drupal module integrated with signageOS is technically free to Drupal users, companies can use this module to integrate with signageOS and then experience the greater functionality of the signageOS Platform. 

We are very proud to partner with companies like Bitegra who have the know-how and the vision to take the signageOS technology and build on its innovative approach to digital signage.   


The bitegra Solutions integration of signageOS and Drupal is just one example of ways companies are uniquely utilizing the signageOS technology to achieve previously impossible functionality. As signageOS grows, we look forward to reporting to you all of the ways companies are utilizing this game-changing technology. So if you are interested in exploring the possibilities of signageOS technology, let us know. We are more than happy to discuss how signageOS is changing digital signage across industries for the better! 

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