Giada Integration for Digital Signage


Giada, a leading manufacturer and supplier of embedded PC, servers, and motherboards out of China, provides solutions for the normal array of verticals in digital signage including retail, education, industrial automation, and transportation.

"Giada is ranked as a top 5 server manufacturer in China, and was recently ranked in the top 10 in digital signage in the German-speaking region for a third consecutive year. Giada is a core ODM partner of Intel in China, and an Associate Member of Intel ISA (IoT Solution Alliance" - Embedded Engineering Systems Catalog 

Recently, a CMS client of signageOS had a request from their customer to integrate Giada hardware, the DN72 media player specifically, into their platform. The investment of resources for development by the CMS company for the Giada hardware was not justified by the ROI for that customer. But, because of the relationship between the two companies the CMS company did not want to lose this customer. So, after comparing the cost of integration through signageOS with the return on investment from keeping the customer, the decision was reached that the CMS company would integrate Giada through signageOS. Thus allowing the CMS company to not only keep an important customer, but acquire greater market share by offering the Giada integration, among the other integrations signageOS offers, to potential customers. 

The integration of Giada's DN72 media player offers full management capabilities as well as adequate performance output. The DN72 contains an Cortex-A17 processor that is incorporated with a SoC chipset with an ARM Mali-T764 GPU, a 4K H.264/H.265 video decoder, and many other features that deliver a capable option for digital signage. Also, operating on Android version 5.1 provided a straightforward integration for the signageOS development team. One feature to note with the Giada DN72 is the requirement for pre-approved applications in order to access superuser commands by the integrator. This process provides additional security, which is essential in today's IoT climate. All content features are fully supported through signageOS so the feature-rich CMS company can continually provide their standard level of quality service. 

The signageOS development team has the expertise to handle an integration that exceeds the needs of any digital signage installation. The time spent advancing their knowledge of integrations in the world of SoC, embedded solutions, and media players is unmatched. So, when deciding whether to lose market share or adopt a standard of compatibility in digital signage hardware and software, take a look into the sigangeOS solution. 

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