Team Interview Series: signageOS Welcomes Michael Arnett as VP Sales, Americas

signageOS is proud to welcome Michael Arnett as Vice President of Sales, Americas. This comes as the company looks to expand its global growth strategies and drive greater customer success.

As a continued effort of the interview blog series, we sit down with Michael Arnett, digital signage veteran and Canadian native, to discuss his onboarding with signageOS and this opportunity with the company. 

Michael will help signageOS tailor its messaging primarily to the North American market. He will also develop production and sales goals while reviewing work processes, uncovering obstacles, and identifying opportunities. signageOS has had a growing presence in the United States since 2018, from developer events to the Digital Signage Expo, and Michael will help to grow this presence through networking, connecting with existing partners, and discovering other talented professionals that can think outside of the box. 

Michael comes as a veteran in the digital signage industry with experience working with some of the most established digital signage companies in the world. Let's get into the discussion with Michael. 

So, first thing's first, how do you feel about joining the signageOS team? 

I’m thrilled to be joining the incredible team at signageOS! In all my years in digital signage, I haven’t come across the impressive unification layer, device management, and version control support capabilities that we conveniently provide to content management vendors, display manufacturers, and media playback device suppliers.

I’m looking forward to building long-standing partner relationships in the Americas that overcome multi-platform challenges, drive customer success, and even uncover new markets outside of the digital signage realm.

Prior to this position, you worked in various sales and business development roles in technology for nearly 25 years. Can you tell us a little bit about your background? 

I started my career fielding 100 sales calls daily for a global hardware manufacturer in Montreal. In short order, I was responsible for overseeing a team of eight sales representatives, as well as managing two sales territories. There I provided solutions in a variety of verticals including financial, process control, and the one I was most passionate about, digital signage.

I’m proud to say that digital signage is where I’ve been entrenched for the last 17 years in various local, regional, and global roles. I’ve run my own consulting and representation business, overseen global channel sales for a content management software vendor, and led Canadian regional sales efforts for a US-based marketing technology company.Michael Arnett McGill Institute

Outside of work what has been occupying your time?

Well, just last month I completed the McGill Executive Institute's condensed MBA program.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I like asking, "Why?"  It’s powerful. I’ve also been to over 25 countries. I’ve had pasta in Slovenia, beer in Uruguay, and Fugu in Japan.  

I’ve shaken hands with Tony Robbins, Wayne Gretzky, and the guy who played Darth Vader (David Prowse).  

I love hearing good stories. I have a few of my own. One time, back when flying was a LOT more easy-going, the pilots of a major commercial airline weren’t too happy when my nuts tray innocently – and unexpectedly – went flying through the cockpit upon landing.  

Lastly, what excites you about signageOS? 

I’m interested in expanding horizons, sharing what I’ve learned, and continuing to learn from the incredible experiences of others, all with a young, growing company where the sky’s the limit. That’s why I’m here.  

Together with the addition of Michael, the signageOS team continues to expand with hires in the marketing and support departments. The areas of expertise of these new team members include: lead and demand generation, brand awareness, and IT support.

As 2021 carries on, signageOS continues its stride with even more new hires, partnerships, and features that we can hardly wait to announce and advance throughout the year. As we all hope to maintain the return of events this year, signageOS will continue to bring essential news to the digital signage industry that you won’t want to miss! Subscribe to the signageOS Blog for the latest news and digital signage resources.


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