Interview with Mirek Kren, Chief Revenue Officer of signageOS

Mirek Kren, Newly Appointed Chief Revenue Officer at signageOS

The signageOS Blog Interview Series with Mirek Kren, signageOS CRO. 

We regularly take time to speak with signageOS team members to get a better understanding of who they are in and out of the office. The newest team member for our interview series is Mirek Kren, the newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer of signageOS. Mirek's 20 years of experience as a proven leader with 10 of those years spent in Silicon Valley demonstrate his ability to lead innovative technology companies to success. We are excited to have him on board, and believe he will prove to be an invaluable asset to the signageOS team. 

So let’s dive into the interview Q&As to explore who Mirek is and what he brings to the table for signageOS. 


What did you take away from your experience working in Silicon Valley for so long? 

It was an extremely humbling experience. There are so many intelligent people living in the Bay Area, entrepreneurs, IMG_4198investors, engineers that you can learn from. If there is one thing that I had to choose, it would be a never ending passion for innovation. Innovate or die, and you die quickly out there. Never settle for the status quo.


What excites you about signageOS?

Besides the product? I believe in people, so I'd say the founders and the team. I've learned that to rise and shine, you need to create a unique cocktail of a great product and passionate people behind it. I see vision, passion, and awesome people here. 


What excites you about the digital signage industry? 

I am a geek. My wife always complains about me not having any cash on me because I only carry my phone and watch. I believe in all digital, and I love contributing to digitalization that makes life easier. For me, digital signage will be playing a more and more crucial role in our daily lives, not only because of the pandemic. We will see increasing interaction between our phones, website, apps, and all kinds of digital displays you come across every day. 


What does the future of digital signage look like in your opinion? 

Being new in the industry, it is a difficult question. As I pointed out earlier, I think indoor and outdoor displays, mobile apps, websites will start getting a lot closer. Companies will be investing heavily in improving the end-to-end experience for their customers. They want to show you the right content and the right time, regardless of your whereabouts. As a result, digital signage and traditional tech ecosystems will start converging, just like we saw in the IP telephony and old-school industry in the past.IMG_3181

What are some of your favorite technologies to work with on a daily basis?

I am an Apple products fanatic. You name it, I have it. My family greatly benefits from my addiction because they keep getting all the trickle-down gadgets. Outside of that, I have a thing for technology for increased effectiveness; I keep trying different email clients, tasks, or expense management tools, etc., to see if they can help me be more effective. 


What do you like to do outside of work?

My motto is second is first to lose, so I am pretty competitive. But with three kids, a lot of my personal time is centered around my family. To keep my mind in check and blow some steam off, I play ice-hockey a couple of times a week. I love to ski in winter and scuba dive or mountain bike in summer. I keep trying new things, just recently I started taking flying lessons.

Along with the addition of Mirek, the signageOS team grew with new hires in the development and design departments. The areas of expertise of these team members include backend development and low-level programming for a variety of hardware and software types, as well as web design. 

As we settle into the new year, signageOS has hit the ground running with new hires, new partnerships, and new features that we are extremely excited to announce and promote throughout 2021. As we all hope to see a return to events this year, signageOS will once again bring major news to the digital signage industry that you can’t miss! Subscribe to the signageOS Blog for the latest news and digital signage resources. 

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