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The signageOS Blog Interview Series with Stan Richter, signageOS CEO. 

What better way to get to know a company than to go to its leader - the CEO. Naturally, I decided to sit down with Stan Richter, CEO of signageOS, for a few questions that I thought our readers would ask and enjoy knowing.

In a new series, I will be interviewing members of the signageOS team and special guests to discuss things like updates and new releases, industry news, events, and general topics related to digital signage. 

So, if there is a question that we did not touch on and you would like to know, comment below and we can start the conversation.  

Where do you see signageOS positioned in the digital signage market and why are you needed there?

signageOS fills the software gap between the display manufacturers and CMS companies. The reason why signageOS exists is very simple. From our understanding of the market, we think that there should be one dedicated company that will do nothing else but develop, maintain and update single API’s, which makes the digital signage on-boarding process a snap.

Ok, so what makes signageOS sustainable in the digital signage industry?

The sustainability is maintained mostly because of the fact that the industry is extremely fragmented. Screen manufacturers are competing each other by producing new series of displays with new operating systems and new firmwares on an almost weekly basis, which makes the ecosystem a huge mess.

So what is the least understood aspect of signageOS?

That we are not a CMS company but we work with CMS companies to get rid of some terrible headaches connected to hardware/software compatibility. signageOS makes it very easy for all players to keep up the pace and stay with the innovation curve.Subscribe 

So more specifically, what value does a CMS receive after working with signageOS?

I could start by describing all the features and resources we bring. Also, the headaches we can save companies and business opportunities we can empower for our partners.  But what I think is very important to state, is that we boost the team of each CMS by 15 great engineers that are professionals in Digital Signage software. That is a huge value given the enormous experience and knowledge base they all  have. The CMS can tap in for very little associated costs.

It seems more and more digital signage software companies are aiming to become cross-platform solutions that are capable of offering usage with different hardware; how do you plan to stay ahead of those competitors?

Yes, that is a current trend and it makes sense to try to be cross-platform. I’ve come across several such solutions and given the odds they face, they are doing a great job. The problem is that being cross-platform is not their primary edge. Their competitive advantage lies in great CMS features. So they shatter resources and are not always able to aim for full hardware integration. Since we are laser focused just on cross-platform development, we always stay on top of the current technology which is difficult for others to do.

What does your target customer look like, and are there prospects that aren’t a good fit for your solution?

We have a lot to offer to any CMS. For those that haven’t done any SoC integration, we can help them with an instant adoption of all of them. Those CMS that already have some integration, can benefit by reinforcement and enhancement of existing integrations and expanding to SoC that they don’t cover. However, signageOS is not only about different SoC integrations, but also about scalable backend services which can substitute the server logic of some newly built CMS companies and save some significant time.

 You mentioned your team of engineers and the value they possess so for those that are wondering, what does the company culture look like at signageOS? Additionally, how was it established?

Even though we work in a turbulent industry that is very challenging we try to keep the culture very laid back and friendly. We put a lot of responsibility onto our people, so we do our best to allow them enough space to continually learn and be creative within their field.

 Well, I think this has been very informative for those who may not understand what signageOS does, so last question: What does success for signageOS look like to you?

I believe signageOS can aspire to become an industry standard for SoC displays and different digital signage player’s integration used widely by CMS companies, managed solution companies, integrators and manufacturers.

With such an abundance of competitors at almost every level in the digital signage market, the need for integration is looming. Everyone knows digital signage is just taking off and I am continually seeing articles on companies gaining the ability to integrate with this or that. So will the biggest driver of change be from competition or co-opetition? When you think of the future of digital signage, do you see a fragmented industry or are we progressing toward more and more integrations of companies? Comment below and let me know what you think.  

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