Reflex Capital Funds $2M for Further Growth of signageOS Unification Platform for Digital Signage

Reflex Capital Funds $2M for Further Growth of signageOS Unification Technology Platform for Digital Signage

Building a complete digital signage system requires many hardware and software components to function together seamlessly so no one notices the true complexity of the entire system. Getting the ever-expanding varieties of hardware and software to consistently and flawlessly function together has been a long-standing problem in the digital signage industry until the creation of signageOS.Now, signageOS will continue to grow the unification technology platform and support the growth of partners through a $2 million dollar investment and partnership with Reflex Capital. The funding comes as an early stage investment and will see signageOS expand the unification technology through unique service applications, new features and supported hardware, and more! Prior to this investment, early growth of signageOS was bootstrapped from a startup to now a global service.

Regarding the funding and signageOS’s current position in the digital signage industry, signageOS CEO, Stan Richter states:

“signageOS is paving a new path forward that redefines the status quo in digital signage hardware and software compatibility to benefit companies at all levels in the digital signage industry. Alongside our partners at Reflex Capital, we are excited to continue on this path even stronger and advance the signageOS technology to its full potential. Our efforts will continue to unlock new opportunities for all of our partners, build open ecosystems, and drive software-based innovation for the entire digital signage industry that has long been predominantly focused on hardware.”

Since the official launch in 2018, signageOS has quickly taken the digital signage industry by storm by unifying the method of connecting digital signage software to any digital signage hardware. signageOS acts as a middleware between digital signage software and hardware creating easier access to commercial displays and other professional digital signage hardware and saving companies thousands in development costs, testing, and maintenance.

Ondřej Fryc, Founder and Managing Partner at Reflex Capital states, "As always, we decided to invest primarily in the team at signageOS and the great founders. They have created a global service for digital signage that meets all of the prerequisites for it to succeed. We are very happy that we can be a part of this journey." 

The signageOS technology enables CMS companies, as well other software providers, to integrate the signageOS API once and immediately access and control SoC (System-on-Chip or “smart”) displays and other professional digital signage hardware like media players. In order to achieve this signageOS works extensively with each and every digital signage hardware manufacturer like NEC, Samsung, LG, BenQ, Philips, and many others to develop core applications, test, and optimize. By doing this, software companies can easily integrate with signageOS and ensure the highest levels of performance possible on any digital signage display or media player with many additional features like remote management.

The press release states, “signageOS solves the problem of hardware and software compatibility in digital signage creating a new market category in the industry. signageOS is building  new business opportunities for its partners through an API-first approach while drastically increasing savings on development costs, platform integration maintenance, and remote troubleshooting.” 

signageOS solutions also offer extensive remote management of digital signage hardware. As a function of the signageOS Platform, companies can remotely control and monitor their customer’s hardware of any device type, from anywhere in the world, in a single, central location - the signageOS device management console, Box. The remote management capabilities of signageOS provide partners with industry-leading functionality that is unlike anything on the market.    


signageOS, a solution unlike any other in the digital signage industry, solves an industry-wide problem that thousands of companies battle as their main barrier to winning new deals and building even greater digital signage ecosystems. Benefits of the signageOS technology flow across all levels of the industry from enterprise giants who use signageOS’s rooted remote management features to end-users who would simply like to choose multiple hardware types and still have their favorite CMS support their content needs. Now, along with Reflex Capital’s investment in the most innovative company in digital signage, signageOS will support the growth of its global partners and continue to revolutionize the digital signage industry.  

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