signageOS's 2019 Year in Review

Happy New Years from signageOS

2019 was a historic year for signageOS. The signageOS Team worked tremendously hard in 2019 to lay the foundation for what’s coming in 2020. We are extremely excited for the new year but before we get to some information on what is to come, let’s take a look at what was accomplished in 2019.

signageOS Open

First, at ISE 2019 signageOS announced the launch of signageOS Open, a no-cost offering that utilizes the signageOS JS API to immediately integrate with any digital signage hardware. Check out the signageOS Open announcement as well as Getting Started with signageOS Open for more information. 

The response to the signageOS Open offering was outstanding! signageOS Open has over 700 sign ups with over 200 companies actively utilizing signageOS Open around the world. signageOS Open provides companies with insight into the power of the signageOS technology through signageOS’ JS API without accessing the complete signageOS Platform. For this reason, many new and great partnerships have developed from the launch of signageOS Open. sOS-open-explanation

Server Migration to AWS

Another major upgrade to signageOS came in the form of our server migration to AWS (Amazon Web Services). Previously, signageOS utilized private data centers as well as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform but due to the company’s rapid growth in 2019, greater data centers were needed. Leading global companies across every industry utilize AWS, so after careful consideration we selected AWS for its control, bandwidth optimization, and minimal downtime. The migration itself will allow signageOS to better manage scaling, availability, and security with our growing client base.

signageOS powered by Amazon Web Services

New Partners and Teammates

signageOS also formed new and exciting partnerships throughout the year. Along with new partnerships, the signageOS Team grew throughout 2019 by bringing on developers, support, sales, and marketing specialists. You can expect more information on partnerships and signageOS' internal growth throughout 2020.

signageOS Research Center

In October of 2019 the signageOS Research Center was launched. With new technology comes a new perspective on the future.. There has been much debate in digital signage regarding emerging and existing tech but little to no resources for reference. After testing all digital signage hardware, signageOS has decided to provide the industry free access to our results to fill this information vacuum. The signageOS Research Center is designed to publicly present these findings to assist in informed decision making and referencing. 

So far, the signageOS Research Center provided a single location to compare digital signage hardware and software across a few key performance indicators such as:

  • Content playback quality 
  • Extra features (like MD5 file checksum, Node.js support, content synchronization, among others)

The signageOS Research Center’s goal is to not only act as an essential resource for digital signage hardware analysis, but to drive innovation through our cooperation with hardware manufacturers and other members of the digital signage ecosystem. The published research was very well received and attracted additional capital invested towards the end of 2019. 

The first report published in the signageOS Research Center is on Samsung’s Tizen 4.0 performance compared to mainstream digital signage media players. Download for free and read more about the results heresignageOS Samsung Tizen 4.0 Performance Report

What's Coming in 2020?

So, as we prepare to step into the new year, let’s take a look at what you can expect from signageOS in 2020. 

First, signageOS will increase the promotion of existing partnerships to provide real-world examples of how signageOS is helping CMS companies to quickly build networks of any digital signage SoC display or media player. We 

Additionally, to meet current and expected growth in 2020, signageOS is expanding the team and continuing to hire for many positions. If you’re interested in joining the signageOS Team please contact for more information. 

As you might expect, the signageOS Research Center will continue to provide you with testing results on key performance indicators for all major digital signage hardware. Some areas that you can expect to see more information on are: 

  • Device management 
  • Device monitoring
  • Security 
  • And much more!

Subscribe to the signageOS Research Center to receive immediate updates on when new reports and resources are published.

Also, signageOS stands to help developers easily develop for digital signage so throughout 2020 signageOS will be increasing content made for developers by developers. Examples of this content are tutorials, demos, how-to videos and much more.

Last but certainly not least, signageOS will be attending ISE and DSE again in 2020! Be on the lookout for more information regarding visiting the signageOS Booth and what innovative technology signageOS will be showcasing this year. 

We are looking forward to great things in 2020!

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