signageOS's 2020 Year in Review

signageOS's 2020 year in review.

signageOS made extraordinary achievements throughout the turbulence of this past year. View an overview of all that signageOS achieved throughout 2020. 2020, what a year, what can we say? The many ups and downs have strengthened the bonds between the signageOS team, partners, and the digital signage community. Despite the difficulties that 2020 presented us, we enter into this new era with a sense of unprecedented reinvigoration.

We, as a company, made extraordinary achievements throughout the turbulence of 2020. These achievements further our position as a software solutions leader, reliable solutions partner, industry thought-leader, and overall, leader in digital signage innovation. 

Reflecting upon all that has happened in the past year, let’s take a look at signageOS’s achievements and how they will propel us into the future. 

Sharp NEC Open Modular Platform Powered by signageOS

The creation of the Sharp NEC Open Modular Platform powered by signageOS is by far the biggest news in the digital signage industry for the year 2020. Historically, the digital signage industry has been fragmented with many operating systems, hardware types, and software compatibility issues. 

The Sharp NEC Open Modular Platform evolves the digital signage industry into a new age through the utilization of the signageOS technology. Now, digital signage users at all levels can build networks with Sharp NEC hardware AND incorporate any other digital signage hardware into the same network seamlessly with uniformed remote cloud control over every hardware type.   

This strategic path is unlike anything ever before in the digital signage industry. You can expect to see much more news about the Sharp NEC Open Modular Platform powered by signageOS in 2021. 

Learn more about the Sharp NEC Open Modular Platform powered by signageOS. 


Reflex Capital $2M in Funding

In July of 2020, signageOS announced the closing of $2 million dollars in funding from private venture capital firm, Reflex Capital. Reflex Capital has a history of investing in transformative technology companies and provided signageOS with funds to continue to realize its position as the only digital signage unification technology provider and facilitate the expansion of the signageOS team and services throughout 2021. Additionally, the funding is being used to accelerate operations, fuel further platform enhancements, as well as support existing customers’ rapid growth.

Read more on the early stage funding here.


Universal SMIL Support 


Another huge announcement for the digital signage industry in 2020 is signageOS’s universal support of the W3C open standard, SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language). 

Through SMIL and signageOS, digital signage users can deploy custom content to any digital signage hardware in minutes. SMIL has been used in digital signage for years by major companies in the industry, and is still a viable, cost effective alternative to traditional digital signage development and content deployment. 

Read more on SMIL and signageOS’s universal SMIL support here.


New Pricing Structure

In 2020, signageOS introduced a new pricing structure to optimize the use of the unification technology platform. The goal - to make our partners more competitive and signageOS services relevant to a broader audience. 

Instead of the traditional flat-rate model based on the number of connected devices, the new signageOS pricing offers a hybrid model for greater administrative flexibility and individualized management functionality over each digital signage network. 

signageOS partners select a Company Plan based on the administrative and support needs of the company. Then a Device Plan is selected for each individual network based on the remote management needs of that network. Thus, providing full remote management functionality over networks that require it and saving money on networks that do not.

Read more on the new pricing model here.


LG webOS Research Report


The signageOS Research Center published its findings on the performance of the latest LG webOS version, webOS 4.0 in 2020. The performance report analyzes real-life digital signage content scenarios like the playback performance of HD video content with HTML5 overlay. There are many testing scenarios for you to check out so be sure to download the free report.  

Read the complete LG webOS 4.0 report for free here.


Box 2.0 

Box 2.0 introduced many new features and functionality as well as a new design to the signageOS remote management console called Box. The new features optimize the use of signageOS’s remote management capabilities and help you become more effective with development, deployment, monitoring and maintenance of your diverse digital signage networks.

Read more on the latest Box 2.0 features here.


Nexmosphere Integration & Partnership 

Last and certainly not least, signageOS & Nexmosphere announced a partnership to provide cross-platform compatibility of Nexmosphere sensors to various digital signage hardware. 

Nexmosphere sensors and actuators foster real-time visitor engagement and interaction through presence detection and analysis, motion detection, and a variety of other technologies. The integration of signageOS and Nexmosphere offers partners the opportunity to utilize many digital signage hardware types along with Nexmosphere sensors to create captivating digital signage experiences for visitors while maintaining health and safety guidelines.

Read the full press release here.



We feel the industry as a whole will come out of 2020 stronger than ever. We look forward to tackling 2021 with strength and determination and are hopeful for a return to industry events. 

From everyone at signageOS, we would like to thank you, our partners & the digital signage community. We look forward to our continued cooperation through 2021. We wish you Happy Holidays and a fruitful 2021!

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