signageOS's 2022 Year in Review

2022 was a really big year for us. We've undergone some extraordinary growth over the past 12 months and we couldn't be happier about where we're headed.


Entering into 2022, we had a goal to keep up our trajectory of growth from 2021. We believe that we more than exceeded this goal and expanded in my other areas as well.

2022 was another big year for signageOS. We’ve greatly expanded our partnerships, team, and overall presence in the industry. Most importantly, we’ve continued to upgrade and improve our product to ensure that it gives you the best and most stress-free experience possible. 

Here’s a look at our timeline for 2022:


Creative Realities Case StudyFrame 5318

Last year, we facilitated a nationwide digital signage network rollout with Creative Realities (CRI). CRI was appointed by ATT as the digital signage solution provider for 7-Eleven to evaluate, design, and replace its existing content management system. This was a massive project which took place across 2,100+ stores and 8,400+ displays. It required a ton of coordination between a variety of stakeholders: ATT, 7-Eleven, Creative Realities, signageOS, Samsung, and two IT network providers.

CRI partnered with signageOS to assist in the rollout, ensure consistent performance across all devices, and future-proof the entire network for future scalability. Ultimately, as a result of partnering with signageOS, CRI saved a significant time and financial investment in solution architecture.

We are honored to be partnered with Creative Realities and proud of this project's exceptional results. This study, published in January, can be downloaded here.


Completely Revamped DocssignageOSdocsss

In February, we took a huge step in improving the accessibility and readability of our documentation. With this revision, we split up the docs into logically separated sections and given each its own space to live. This not only makes it much easier to navigate and find the information you’re looking for, but also far better for more focused work.



The sections that were added are:

  • Main documentation - Here you can find general information, articles on how to work with signageOS, and ways to leverage its full potential
  • JavaScript SDK documentation - Our JS SDK documentation contains all the necessary information for more programmatically-prone users - a list of all features and their implementation
  • REST API documentation - If you want to use REST API to manage, update, and use your devices, all the information on each endpoint can be found here
  • sOS/SDK documentation - For a complete overview of how to utilize our Node.JS library

Downloadable Case StudiesCase study (1)-1 

All of our case studies were revamped and made fully downloadable. Case studies are crucial to show some of the large-scale projects that we and our partners undertake and invaluable to getting an idea of what we can achieve when we work together.

Click here to read more about these real-world scenarios and get some ideas for future projects we can tackle together.


Menu Board Digitalization - Desquare / Starbucks Case StudyFrame 5734-1

We had the opportunity to work with Desquare on a nationwide digitalization of Starbucks Nordic’s menu boards. signageOS’ infrastructure provided the ideal end-to-end solution including its advanced device management toolset, hardware agnosticism, and future-proofing for the eventual expansion across Norway and Sweden.

“signageOS has made it possible to realize our goal to create the most versatile, cloud based and hardware agnostic service for digital information distribution on the market…"

 - Peter Brauner, Desquare CEO

The proven effectiveness of the signageOS infrastructure and 24/7 support ensures a network with 99.99% uptime, meaning Starbucks Coffee in the Nordic region now has a digital signage solution that is versatile, reliable, and built for growth. We are proud of our partnership with Desquare and extremely pleased with this project and its future and potential for growth. This study, published in March, can be downloaded here.


New Feature: LocationsFrame 5739

One of our newer features, Locations, was officially released in March. It provides a number of new tools, including a geographical map with pin locations of all your displays. The feature also provides access to the devices’ GPS locations, and can assign a custom ID to each screen - each one allows you to connect to the device and see its details - OS version, model, uptime. You can even upload photos of each individual display to provide a real-world picture of it in Box.


ISE 2023 in Barcelona


Back in May, our team had a large presence in Barcelona at ISE 2022. It was a great show where we had a chance to meet in person with our partners in person. We presented our products and covered how our digital solution can enhance business growth. We utilized a mock QSR to demonstrate the real world application of signageOS on digital menu boards.

The show had an attendance of 843 exhibitors and over 43,000 attendees. On the show floor, we had our team demonstrating our dynamic content repositioning as well as engaging with our partners how we can further support their business growth on the back of the signageOS software.

New Feature: Dynamic Content RepositioningScreenshot 2022-05-26 at 15.48.05

In any quick service restaurant it’s important to have all of your items visible all the time, and when you have a digital menu board that goes down this creates an urgent issue. signageOS has resolved this issue with dynamic content repositioning. When one of your menu boards goes down the content automatically is distributed to your other screens making sure all your items remain visible. At the same time, your active screens on your network will start to reboot the down screen bringing it back online with no loss to your revenue streams.

This feature ensures no downtime for your content and is an ideal solution for QSRs, but can be adapted to other applications.


InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas

Image from iOS (13)

InfoComm 2022 took place in June in Las Vegas, and we’re really pleased with how it went. It was great to meet so many current and potentially new partners alike, in person. Nothing quite compares to the value of these conversations, as they add invaluable insight to the wants and needs of our partners and help us to continue to provide the best service possible.

The show hosted 522 exhibitors with an official attendance of 19,681 from over 110 countries and all 50 U.S states. Our CEO, Stan, gave a riveting talk on SoCs vs. media players and our team worked the show floor, demonstrating our Dynamic Content Repositioning and engaging visitors on how we can further support their business growth on the back of the signageOS software. It’s difficult to put into words just how much these events mean to us and we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to meet with you.







Battle of the Boxes

At InfoComm in Las Vegas, Stan hosted a presentation about media players and system on chip (SoC) in digital signage in 2022. He showed the progress SoCs have made since 2015 and how they have closed the gap on media players. He included the considerations to be made when choosing a player, including installation, maintenance, and power consumption. Stan also covered how digital signage is not just content, but how there is a need for unmanned device management, security, 3rd party data sources, and much more.


DSSE 2022 in Munich Image from iOS (1)-2

In July, there was the Digital Signage Summit Europe 2022, the leading strategy conference for the Digital Signage and Digital out-of-home industry, in Munich. Over 60 of the world’s key digital signage experts, thought leaders, and major technology and service providers shared their insights on the business-critical nature of digital signage. 




signageOS provided its expertise on the following three topics:

  • Cloud Services & Device Management - Changing the Game of Digital Signage Software
  • Changing the Game of Media Player
  • Panel: The Year Ahead

We were also given the title of Rising Stars(!) at this event. We really appreciate this honor and will continue to strive to live up to that designation.

Innovation Award Image from iOS-4

We were also given the Most Innovative Company in Digital Signage award! We’d once again like to thank Invidis for bestowing upon us this prestigious achievement.

We believe that innovation is extremely important as it gives us the ability to create simple and elegant solutions for complex problems. It allows us to drive our unique value and create results through a better method of tackling problems.

We’ve felt this way since the founding of signageOS and built ourselves on the foundation of that belief. At every opportunity, we take the time to ask ourselves, “is there a better way of achieving this goal?”

We interviewed our CPO, Lukas, on the innovation culture within signageOS. Click here for the full interview.


Articles, Articles, Articles

Frame 5830

In August, we focused much of our efforts on creating articles that show off some of the overall benefits of digital signage in general. While of course, there’s always a lot of work going on behind the scenes, we wanted to highlight to you some of the many ways our features can serve you and what benefits there are to digital signage. Here is a look at a few of them.


Lets meet peerless-AV


A New AV Experience 2022

Our CRO, Mirek, along with some other members of our team, attended peerless-AV’s A New AV Experience Showcase & Networking Event in September at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. Here gathered 30 new and returning AV and Digital Signage brands from all over the industry to show off their latest new product launches.

“It is great to see these events are back on the map, almost all around the globe. They simply make an excellent platform for industry and customers to meet, discuss and learn what’s new.” Mirek.


Events, Events, Events

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 15.56.05

October was quite an eventful month.

Our team visited New York Digital SIgnage Week 2022 where we attended events and learned from digital signage experts. At Sony’s Cocktails and Controversy event, our CRO Mirek, along with BrightSign’s Frank Pisano, was invited to partake in an impromptu discussion on SoC vs. Media Players. Despite the name of this event, the discussion ended up being a productive session about how each has its place in a collaboration for better digital signage.

signageOS was graciously invited to Samsung Developer Conference 2022, in our home city of San Francisco, where Stan and Lukas presented the findings of our latest performance report: Tizen 6.5. Along with presenting our report, we were excited to see what Samsung has in store for the future. 

Both events were fantastic and we'd like to thank everyone involved for sharing their immense knowledge and showing great hospitality. We're already looking forward to next year!


DSE 2022 in Las Vegas Thank you DSE

The Digital Signage Experience was in November in Las Vegas and we’re really pleased with how it went. It was great to meet with so many of our partners as well as some potentially new ones. It’s hard to assign a value to these conversations as they are completely priceless. Nothing quite compares to the experience of in person conversations and the invaluable insight they provide into the wants and needs of our partners and future partners alike. They truly allow us to continue to provide the best service possible.

Our CEO, Stan hosted an educational panel and our team sponsored several events and met old and new partners alike. Our main push here was our hardware agnostic, zero-touch advanced device management toolset. We believe our visitors were more than impressed with its consistent features, no matter the underlying platform or the size of their network. Our team also sponsored a number of events: the renowned Peerless AV Party, the Sixteen:Nine Mixer, and the Digital Signage Experience itself. We can’t wait for the next one and we hope to see you there!

DSE Panel

Great Panel Great Discussion (3)

signageOS hosted a panel discussion on overcoming the most common challenges within the Digital Signage Platform-Verse. The speakers on the panel included: Jim Stoklosa from Adobe, Beth Warren from Creative Realities, Inc., and Jay Leedy from Sony. Together, along with Stan Richter’s moderation, they explored the challenges most often faced with cross-platform deployments and how some of the most daunting ones can be overcome.

This featured panel went over very well with quite the attendance. It was casual, yet highly educational and explored a variety of topics and situations often faced in a digital signage deployment, ranging from: selecting the best platforms and integration to operational challenges, troubleshooting, and more. A big thank you to all those who attended the panel and to our partners who took the stage with us. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Sony Partnership Sony and signageOS Partnership

Sony and signageOS have officially partnered up. In line with Sony’s Partnership Alliance Program, the new signageOS alliance will nearly double the compatibility of Sony’s displays to offer support for close to 60 integrated CMS options. Additionally, the partnership will better position Sony’s network of systems integrators, resellers, channel partners, managed service providers, and software alliance members to extend and expand their implementation of professional BRAVIA displays with greater ease due to signageOS’ single API system.

“As they build out their end-to-end digital signage capabilities, we’re honored to help Sony enable support for so many of the providers that are driving the industry to transform and become faster, easier, and more integrated,” says Stan Richter, CEO, signageOS. We are very excited about this partnership.

Tizen 6.5 Performance Report

Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 16.25.19

A large part of the signageOS Research Center’s operations involves testing SoC displays, media players, and new firmware. We do this to create independent reports which provide both the manufacturers and the industry with objective platform performance analysis across devices. These reports are also used by integrators to make informed decisions when deciding how to build their digital signage networks. 

Our latest report was conducted on Samsung’s Tizen 6.5. It specifically focuses on Tizen 6.5’s performance and builds upon previous reports by introducing testing and benchmarking methodology based on modern use cases. These results were then compared to previous Tizen versions, such as Tizen 4.0.


Click here to download the full study for yourself.


Celebrating a Successful Year new year

Closing out the year by preparing for the next one.

Integrated Systems Europe 2023 and the Digital Signage Summit are right around the corner so we’ve got a lot on our plate, but that’s not all. We’re excited to show you all of the great things we’ve got in the works for next year.


As 2022 comes to an end, we’re celebrating how far we’ve come over the past five years. We look forward to continuing to grow together long into the future. Though we’ve changed and expanded as a company, one thing that will never change is the effort we put into our product and the pride we have in providing the best experience in digital signage.


Thank you for your continued support. Here’s to an even greater 2023!

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