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As the end of the year approaches the time has come to reflect on 2018 and all that signageOS has accomplished. Not only will we take a look at the past year’s successes but also what lies ahead for 2019. In 2018, signageOS experienced tremendous growth in the areas of partners, features, integrations, resources, and testing. So as this is the first-ever, year-in-review post for signageOS, let’s dive right in!    

Partners, Teammates, Offices

The past year was monumental for signageOS in that 2018 was the first year the unification platform became publicly available. Since the official launch, the company first experienced growth in team size by increasing personnel in the development, marketing, and testing teams. The addition of these talented newcomers resulted in a larger office space for signageOS that was completed in October 2018. The office space features “chill-out” zones, a patio balcony, and a slide in case you prefer to take the quick route to the first floor. The transition to the new office space came at the perfect time as the amount of partners and partner visits to the signageOS HQ increased greatly in Q4. The signageOS partner base grew in areas such as financial institutions, automakers, QSR, and other digital signage verticals.

signageOS Office HQ Digital Signage  


Routinely, signageOS experienced growth in feature support for all existing smart display platforms, digital signage media players, and CMS feature requests. Many features exist within the signageOS Documentation but include features like enhanced screenshots from display monitoring, display verification features, and much more. Additionally, signageOS introduced universal features including video wall synchronization using only SoC displaysVideoWall Synchronization SoC displays



In 2018, signageOS completed integrations for ELO touchscreens, BenQ, ProDVX, Raspberry Pi for digital signageGiada media players as well as integrations for new versions of Tizen, WebOS, and Android-based displays. Every integration requires the complex development and maintenance that is the signageOS specialty. So among new integrations, bug-fixes, maintenance, and security updates were also an integral and continual part of signageOS’ performance in 2018.

Raspberry Pi signageOS Integration



Another important area of growth for signageOS was in the production of public resources for the digital signage industry. In August of 2018, signageOS released 54 free testing videos for digital signage displays. signageOS recognized that many platforms state their solutions provide “seamless” or “gapless” playback for video content but contained many inconsistencies when tested by signageOS. So, to assist others in recognizing when dynamic content has glitches, signageOS publicly released the videos to test for metrics like orientation compatibility, display resolutions, pixel ratios, and text readability. signageOS also created tutorial videos to help users create HTML5 players and navigate through the signageOS Documentation.

Display Testing Videos signageOS


Also, signageOS played an active role in the creation of the updated Sixteen:Nine Special Report: Signs With Smarts. This comprehensive report re-examines the current state and progression of system-on-chip (SoC) displays for digital signage. signageOS provided extensive testing results for SoC displays to the report in order to better understand the progression of performance capabilities in smart displays. Lastly, signageOS pooled together the most common questions asked by partners to create an FAQ page

HTML5 Testing Img

What’s in Store for 2019

In 2018, signageOS hit the ground running and doesn’t plan on letting up in 2019. The company has worked for years to gain the integration expertise that it has today and will continue to propel itself forward in the new year. In 2019, signageOS will continue to work towards becoming an industry standard by introducing more innovative technology, providing useful industry resources, and continually expanding the signageOS partner base into worldwide markets. In 2019, signageOS will introduce more testing videos to analyze different display metrics like audio, different codecs, bitrates, and many other metrics. Also, the company aims to provide the digital signage industry with smart display testing standardization. Known for extensive testing, signageOS projects to release a new approach to testing smart displays and media players for performance. Lastly, the release of signageOS Open, a contemporary take on the standardization of digital signage display integrations, is set to release in early 2019. This monumental announcement will be a game-changer for the digital signage industry.

2019 will bring many new and exciting opportunities to the digital signage industry and signageOS will be at the forefront of these changes. We hope everyone had a great 2018 and look forward to connecting and working together in 2019!

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