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What to Look Forward to at ISE 2020

We’ve been looking forward to ISE 2020 since ISE 2019! There was some great new tech last year and this year will deliver more of the same head-turning cutting-edge tech. Now that.

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Getting Started with signageOS Open

The launch of signageOS Open is finally here! We are extremely excited to get companies started using this innovative technology. So, how does this happen? We will be releasing.

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November Changelog Updates and Features

The end of November is always a special time of year as people are getting ready for the holidays, businesses are closing out the 4th quarter and preparing for the new year..

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Giada Integration for Digital Signage

Giada, a leading manufacturer and supplier of embedded PC, servers, and motherboards out of China, provides solutions for the normal array of verticals in digital signage.

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Make Sure Your Content Runs Smoothly - 54 Free Testing Videos

Testing every display for inconsistencies is an arduous task. Especially when there are thousands to test. Also, to properly test a display you need great testing videos. Which is.

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Interview with Stan Richter, CEO, signageOS

What better way to get to know a company than to go its leader - the CEO.   Naturally, I decided to sit down with Stan Richter, CEO of signageOS, for a few questions that I.

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