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Interview with Petr Bily, Senior Developer at signageOS

We are back with another team interview! I sat down with Petr Bily, senior developer at signageOS, a valued signageOS team member and good friend to all. Petr has been with.

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Interview with Catherine Kanama, Hardware Engineer, signageOS

Next up in the team interview series is Catherine Kanama, Hardware Engineer at signageOS. Catherine has been working for signageOS for almost two years now and is currently in.

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Interview with Michael Zabka, CTO of signageOS

One of the biggest challenges within this industry is staying updated and educated on all the new technology and methods. So next up in my new interview series is is Michael.

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Interview with Stan Richter, CEO, signageOS

What better way to get to know a company than to go its leader - the CEO.   Naturally, I decided to sit down with Stan Richter, CEO of signageOS, for a few questions that I.

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