What is the signageOS Solution?

The Digital Signage Software Solution for Any Device Hardware

signageOS is a powerful unification API (Application Programming Interace) layered on top of different hardware proprietary systems for System On Chip (SoC) digital signage devices and players.

Great. Now what does that mean?

Basically, most digital displays manufactured today are “smart” displays with SoC inside. This means that they possess technology much like what is in your phone.

The problem is that not all displays have uniform SoC technology or software. If your business needs to manage thousands of displays, you must choose one manufacturer and be subject to their updates, OR constantly have to develop new software to match compatibility with the new hardware.

signageOS addresses this enormous issue by introducing the unification API!

Unification API Integration

Once a company integrates with the unification API they are instantly able to connect and control any SoC device. The signageOS server infrastructure can be used on any cloud platform or any on-premise datacenter. This enables CMS companies and content providers to take advantage of (SoC) displays by providing one access point for device management and content delivery.

signageOS develops and maintains these integrations for SoC displays through consistent cooperation with Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, BenQ, NEC, BrightSign, LG, among others. These integrations remain under one platform, so you can buy any type of device without worrying if your software will support it.

signageOS: The only cross-platform digital signage operating system on the market today! 

signageOS is a cloud-based service that functions as a universal bridge between your CMS (Content Management System) or web application and devices with the SoC technology or other supported digital signage players. As previously mentioned, this unification API lies on top of the proprietary systems in SoC digital signage hardware and other digital signage players. The signageOS Unification API operates with a HTML5 player, or “Applet”, that is either designed by the CMS company or with the help of signageOS Team.


The signageOS Core APP

Under the unification API is the signageOS Core APP. The Core APP acts as an interface tool that helps CMS companies to communicate commands with the display.

signageOS has developed individual, stand alone Core Applications (signageOS Core App) for every single type of SoC device and digital signage player. These applications, crafted specifically for each device type, present a unified interface for the customer. The Core App creates a safe environment for content playback and remote device control, as it communicates directly with the hardware. signageOS’ API manages the screens directly from your CMS which in turn helps you manage devices and their settings in a fast and easy manner. The content is then delivered directly to the display, where the CMS specific Applet (HTML5 player) assigned to the device takes care of the content playback. The whole framework is runs on world-class cloud infrastructure and can deploy on your own server infrastructure.

Your content & data stay inside your system and are transported to all your connected devices directly. So you can play your content on 1,000 tablets, 10,000 screens and 10 video walls all at once or more! Also, signageOS is packed with features that assist in large screen networks management. Some features included but not limited to are live monitoring, remote control, display setup and incident alerting among others. See the full list of features Here.

Simply create or adjust your own Applet for content playback and you can play the content on any device. If the API-first approach is not the route you want to take signageOS has created an optional approach to further assist with device management. Packaged as a bundled app the signageOS Box is a developers console that gives you full control over your network. The Box is an easy-to-use solution that controls all your device settings (timers, monitoring, alerts, brightness, etc.).uni-from-web-2@2x

signageOS’ Value in Unification

In the time that it would take to create this type of solution in-house, there will, more than likely, be another updated hardware version waiting on you. There are close to 50 unique features for supported devices meaning your possibilities are endless for your different displays. The structure of signageOS’ system encourages larger quantities of displays which in turn decreases the already low price. In the event of a blackout signageOS’ system has a built-in failsafe that enables the display to show previously uploaded content even when offline.

The value and potential savings signageOS brings to the table is enormous...so if you want to dive deeper to explore these benefits and how they can help you the signageOS Team is always willing to help. Feel free to request more information, subscribe, or go follow us to learn more on updates, new releases, and upcoming events.


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