What to Look Forward to at ISE 2020

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We’ve been looking forward to ISE 2020 since ISE 2019! There was some great new tech last year and this year will deliver more of the same head-turning cutting-edge tech. Now that ISE 2020 is less than two weeks away, (we all have our tickets, do you have yours?) let’s see some of the most exciting tech and new partnerships that will be shared this year.

1. ELO Touch

Elo is showcasing new tech that appeals to businesses looking to add interactivity to stores, restaurants, and corporate experiences. They will be bringing their brand-new state-of-the-art Elo Huddle Kits, a solution designed specifically for virtual meetings. We are also excited to see ELO showcasing a new, award-winning 4K touchscreen line.

Catch them at booth 8-E185.

2. Grassfish: Version 11.3

Grassfish announced version 11.3 back in August, but ISE 2020 is the first time that we will be seeing what this new technology means for the world of digital signage.

Their newest software has widget-based reporting with five new standard widgets, display management features, and font management along with more standard fonts in their Composer. During development they were focusing on support, and UX for analysis and integration.

Grassfish will be spending the week at booth 8-K470.

3. Allsee: High Vibrance Android Advertising Displays

Allsee has already announced many new products for ISE, but we’re still excited to see everything in action at RAI Amsterdam. A few areas that we are specifically excited about: ultra-thin bezels, double-sided displays, and dual OS displays.

Allsee will show off their newest and best screens at stand 8-C160.

4. Eyefactive: Interactive Retail Tech

The biggest thing for eyefactive right now looks like their object recognition technology which will have major applications especially in retail. Object recognition essentially takes barcode technology and flips it on it’s head. Eyefactive is championing object recognition with PCAP, IR frame, InGlass™, and camera tech. They've already impressed us in past years with their massive touch screens and for ISE 2020 they will be presenting their new MultiTouch App, aimed at store operators who want to be able to present their full product portfolio on their large touchscreen. MultiTouch is also for the customers who can make wishlists, organize a virtual shopping cart, and explore checkout options which will reinvent the role of digital signage in retail UX.

We’re really looking forward to seeing their innovation in person at 8-K390.

5. Intuiface: Touch, beacons, and RFID

Intuiface is an ISE veteran. Three years in a row they’ve wowed with their IoT everything and especially this year we’re going to see some really new and exciting tech from them. Their booth will be hosting several demos throughout the week. One will show some best practices for incorporating sensors, actuators, and computer vision into Intuiface projects. The man behind the curtain will be stepping out to reveal all of Intuiface’s content creation methods which will be very valuable for content creation experts who want to sidestep coding. Intuiface has also been teasing us about an announcement that they plan on making at ISE 2020-- so we’re hanging onto their every word about that.

Another neat feature of the Intuiface booth will be their Trade Show Analytics. Using proprietary Intuiface technology they will be monitoring foot traffic and UX at their booth and displaying the live data on a dash.

See their tech at Booth 8-C353.

6. Navori and BrightSign: QL 2.2

The software and hardware companies have come together to develop QL 2.2. The SoC advocates are doing away with cables and PC players. Navori’s QL is a CMS platform that puts all of its 800 features on every single device in your network. Talk about scalability.

Navori’s native software for BrightSign’s 4K and HD media players is on an SD card which can be used to field upgrade any BrightSign player younger than 2016, and is also available for any new BrightSign shipment. The QL Player for BrightSign will be demonstrated at ISE, as well as their QL Player software innovations for Windows, and their SoC solutions.

Navori is at Booth 8-E122 and BrightSign is just around the corner from the, at Booth 8-E200.

7. Quividi and Signagelive: Audience and Campaign Intelligence partnership in DOOH and Digital Signage

At the end of 2019, Signagelive recapped by letting the public know about their integration with Quividi. Signagelive pushes the content, and Quividi’s facial recognition AI refreshes the material to best fit current demographics. This partnership is exciting because it shows the future of digital signage as merging with data collection and analysis to optimize the technology.

Quividi’s stand is at 8-C299 and Signagelive will be nearby at booth 8-C352.

Join us at ISE 2020

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